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currency 10.05.2011
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Central Concert Hall "Kazakhstan"

       A new, acoustically and architecturally unique “Kazakhstan” Central Concert Hall fro 3500 seats has been built in the administrative  center of Astana.

      Owing to the artistry and delicate modern construction approach, “Kazakhstan” Central Concert Hall tones well with Presidential Residence building, Senate and Mazhilis buildings.
Seating capacity of the concert hall with a floor space of 3512 square meters make it the biggest hall in the world intended for holding of symphony and chamber music concerts, stage plays, opera and ballet performances, film screenings as well as political events. 

       The author of the idea is Manfredi Nikoletti. He is not only one of the most avant-garde designers in the world, but also one of the most popular architect of today, earning fame by the natural construction principles.

       Nowadays, “Kazakhstan” Central Concert Hall, designed by Nikoletti, is promised the fame of Sydney Opera Theater in Australia. Currently there is no such unique project throughout CIS countries, and of course, it is one of the most significant architectural constructions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

       Altogether, 28 billion tenge (187 million dollars) has been spent for this object with a floor space of 38600 square meters.
Piazza-foyer(area – 2970 square meters) takes up a special place containing:

  • Three panoramic elevators (lifting capacity if each - 630 kilograms.)
  • Wardrobe (4500 racks)
  • Boutiques,  offering exclusive merchandise (8 shops)
  • 2 conference-rooms, 200 and 400 seats with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Public catering: restaurant (80 sets), cafe (200 seats), round bar on the stand (35 seats) and a bar under the dombra (50 seats). 

       This is how we called the auditorium itself, made in the shape of Kazakh musical instrument. It is not even an auditorium but an atrium situated in piazza foyer, and isolated from the outside by means of special formations, so-called canvases. They cover the atrium forming a shell over it making all the fuss of the city stay beyond.

       The interior and exterior of the atrium is finished with a special timber allowing unlimited acoustic options. Even the floor of the concert hall is made from a special high durability parquet and laid in a special way for the sake of acoustics.
There is all modern equipment and technologies gathered here and there is no accidental piece of material or seam. Special notice should be given to the multifunctional stage (stage floor – 274 square meters), which is operated by one person using a remote control.

       The front section of the stage includes the orchestra pit with a slope and lift length equaling 4 minutes. The depth of the pit is 4.5 meters and has special exits for the band.
       Back section of stage is for the choir, it has 7 choir lines which are also remotely controlled and reach the height of 2 meters when lifted.

       We can also hold various film screenings and video presentations for the auditorium is equipped with a 14 by 8 film-screen and equipment allowing to run any formats including the foremost Blue Ray format.
       Blue Ray is the follower of the DVD format, distinctive by its particular record and playback quality.
       Lighting equipment is deluxe, placed on 15 frames and allowing to come up with the boldest of lighting ideas.
A tone cluster by “Renkus Heinz” over the stage is world’s leader in sound equipment and presently in our republic such equipment is installed only in “Kazakhstan” Concert Hall.

       There are 12 front speakers along the perimeter distributing the sound. The pride of the acoustic system is 22 spreader-lobes made with Italian technology, bearing the task to make the acoustic sound perfect by means of assuming the angle of slope.

       If we take notice of the walls, we can see wall-adjacent curtains with a special acoustic effect of sound attraction and repulsion. The curtains are operated via computer with specially installed software. Even the chairs have a special acoustic insert situated in the bottom part.

       We should also point out that atrium has a feature to grow smaller visually. It happens by means of separate hang-curtains which are fastened to the ceiling frames and block the top level off as well as several sector of the balcony. Thus, the auditorium for three thousand and five hundred seats can easily change for a smaller – two-thousand-seats one.

       A special mention should be given to the fact that the construction of this site is the initiative of the head of our country, and we would like to express sincere gratitude to Nursultan Nazarbayev for devoting attention to social process resulting in such novel sites as “Kazakhstan” Concert Hall emerging in our country.