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Программа поддержки молодых дарований «Алем» благотворительного Фонда "Саби"


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Rules of accreditation

How to file application?

      Staffed employee of print publications, TV and radio companies, electron Mass Media can be accredited for coverage of the International Film Festival of Action Movies “ASTANA”. Photographers and television operators shall apply for separate accreditation. All accredited person will receive personal badges. Personal badge cannot be transferred to other person and it will not be recovered in case of lost or damage.
      It is required to file own application for accreditation in the International Film Festival of Action Movies “ASTANA”. You can download it here…
     Organizational committee reserves the right to accept or decline application.
     O pportunity to cover of expenses for travel and/or accommodation for foreigners and persons from other cities by the Film Festival can be considered individually.
     To file application of Mass Media participant at the International Film Festival of Action Movies “ASTANA”, it is necessary to send filled accreditation form (by mail or scanned by e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with mark “Accreditation” as well as colored iconic photography.

Sincerely yours,
Press Center
International Film Festival of
Action Movies “ASTANA”
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



      Personal badges can be received after representation of document certifying personality at the day of arrival in the Office of Accreditation. Visit of press-conferences, photocalls and other measures shall be on the basis of personal badge.

Information Materials
      Information materials of film festival will be presented together with badges during registration. The complete includes: guide program of the Festival, timetable of shows and measures where attendance of Mass Media is planned, CD/DVD with photo and video materials, presents as well as map of Astana City for guests of the city.

Information Desks (not only for Mass Media)
     Information desks will be settled where the Festival will take place. They includes desks with the festival maps (map of part of the city where show points are indicated, places of festive occasions and Press Centers, addresses of festival places are indicated. Every day timetable of measures of current days, advertisement and information will be appeared on such desks).


General Provisions on Mass Media
Visit of Arrangements of
the International Film Festival of
Action Movies “ASTANA”

 Film screenings

General program
       Accredited journalists can film show of festival program depending on vacant seats.

Evening screenings
       Evening Show can be visited after representation of personal journalist badge depending on vacant seats.

Stars Defile along the Red Road
       To participate at illuminating of stars defile along the red road accredited television mass media and accredited photographs shall inform the Press Center before the defile. It is required personal badge for visit.

Stars Photocall
       Specially for journalists stars photocall will be organized before the Press Conference. Only accredited photographs and television operators may visit it representing personal badge.

Press Conference
       Press Conference shall be visited only by accredited journalists depending on vacant seats. Photo survey with flashing is prohibited during the Press Conference.

Master Classes
       Just accredited journalists can visit press-conferences depending on vacant seats.

Round Table
       Visit in hall of Round Table is under invitations.

Other Measures
Conditions will be determined additionally.