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Greetings of Astana city akim (mayor) - I.N. Tasmagambetov to the
participants of the Second International Film-festival of “Astana” action-films


Dear participants and guests of the Film-festival!

      Welcome to the Centre of the Eurasian Continent, to the young capital of Kazakhstan – Astana city! 

     We are heartily greeting you at this event that opens a new page in the history of film-forums.  For the first time the genre of action-films acquires its creative format represented by International Film-festival of action-films of “Astana”.     

     An action-genre is very multifaceted. Both profound history and future picture of the world find reflection in it. Action-films are distinguished by technological innovations, dynamics of plots and creativity of ideas being the most spectacular segment of the cinema. From this point of view they are logically fit into the unique image of our capital.          

     Moreover, this vivid event opens the world of unforgettable emotions, inimitable images and creative discoveries for the connoisseurs of cinema art. The interest to this representative Film-festival justifies that it is more significant and expected event in the cultural life of our capital and the Republic.     

     We are sure that Kazakhstan and its young capital will reveal to the world film industry a new facet in form of new creative ideas, unique personalities and unforgettable natural landscapes. In its case the festival of action-films “Astana” will become the place of traditional meetings giving the impulse to further development of humanitarian and cultural dialogue.   

     I would like to express my appreciation and respect to the participants of the Festival and wish success and well-being.

Astana city akim (mayor)  Imangali Tasmagambetov


Greetings of Timur Bekmambetov to the
participants of the Second International Film-festival of “Astana” action-films


Dear Friends!

       We are glad to welcome you at the “Astana” International Action Film Festival!

       It is pleasant to see the idea we came up with recently has found its implementation today, on the eve of Kazakhstan capital’s birthday and the new festival has become an original present from film-makers of the world to Astana citizens and guests.

       Once, discussing cinema publicity issues, we have marked the fact there are a number of authors film festivals, there are detective film festivals, but there is not a single festival covering the popular action genre. Astana City Hall liked this idea. We express sincere gratitude to Imangali Tasmagambetov, save for his support we have the opportunity to realize the idea.

       We wanted to hold a festival of bright and modern cinema in Kazakhstan. We want the audience to ultimately enjoy watching good films with a dynamic story, to see their beloved film celebrities walking the red carpet and to take a dive into the midst of festival life lived by the cinema capitals in the world.

       A total of 20 full length feature films by film directors from USA, Europe, Asia, and CIS countries will be screened at the festival. Round table discussions and master classes by film-makers from different countries will also be held throughout the festival workdays. We anticipate this event to become a ground for film-makers in search of investors and partners for co-productions. Holding of such large scale festival not only grants the opportunity for Kazakhstani people to watch the newest films but also a chance to market itself worldwide by means of attracting attention to national cinema and displaying local films distribution market opportunities. Another noteworthy constituent of the festival is opening and closing ceremonies and movie theater ticket fees.

Sincerely Yours,                               
Timur Bekmambetov